CCT#2 - How to Accelerate Your Career Growth?

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In this video, Kunal discusses 3 additional steps that will help you further accelerate your career in no time. These should be followed along with the 5 core steps.

How to Accelerate Your Career Growth?

So far, I’ve shown you the 5 core steps that you should do regularly every year. If you do so, I have no doubt that you will see your career accelerate in no time and will position you for long term career success and wealth.

The biggest issue that most people face as they go through the entire process is that they give up too soon. I’ve laid out an entire plan for you, however, I never said that it was easy. If it were that easy everyone would be the VP, Director, or an executive in their company. The truth is that only a few get there. Why? Because of their ability to overcome any rejection along the way. Because of their ability to get organized. Because of their ability to come back to the ring every day. That’s exactly what I’ll cover in the 3 acceleration steps.

The 3 Acceleration Steps

Six and seven figure executives know that the process to getting to the top is not going to be easy. There are going to be pitfalls along the way that they must overcome.

These 3 steps are all about ensuring that they don’t sight of the vision. The 3 acceleration steps are:

Get Motivated

This step is all about getting your mind right through the process. It’s all about setting you up for peak performance as you go through your 5 core steps and not giving up during downtimes. It’s about looking at the entire career seeking process as a big game of numbers and attaching no emotions to the process. You’ve probably heard the old saying that executives are thick skinned. Good. Now it’s time for you to be thick skinned, move all the stupid people out of your way and execute on your plan.

Get Organized

This step is all about getting organized. How are you tracking your career plan and progress? How are you keeping track of your target companies, your network, hiring managers etc. etc.? How are you following up them regularly? Is your calendar up to date? Are you scheduling time to network? Have you put together your 90-day plan? All this requires stellar prioritization and organization. That’s exactly what this step is all about.

Stay Consistent

Finally, you’ve got to stay consistent. You’ve got to come back every day and slowly push yourself in the right direction. Just like a company expects its employees to come to work every day, you’ve got to come back to the game every single day and focus on YOU, your career, your brand, your job search, your interviews, your 90-180-day plan etc. etc. However bad things get, however long you’ve been out of a job, or a promotion, you’ve got to come back every day to the ring and give you absolute best.

These 3 steps if applied consistently on a day to day basis to the five core steps, I have no doubt will take your career from average to the next level.