My New Book - Company and Position Specific Interview Prep

Today, I'm very proud to launch my new book - Company and Position Specific Interview Prep.

This book is a companion to my company - Coursetake.  

At Coursetake, our mission is to ensure that every student and professional gets his or her dream job. We do that through company and position specific interview preparation material. 

It's unfortunate that most interview preparation material available is "extremely generic" in nature. Yes, they will teach you how to ace your interview, but they will NOT teach you how to ace your interview at company X for position Y. 

At Coursetake, we fill in the gap for X and Y. 

With "Company and Position Specific Interview Prep", I've explained our entire approach on how you too can prepare for your upcoming interview at company X and position Y. 

Now you'll have all the tools needed to ace your upcoming interview and get your dream job. I hope you enjoy it. 

You can buy "Company and Position Interview Prep" directly from Amazon