My Thoughts on Uber's CEO Resignation - A Lesson in #Strategy

Strategy doesn't really exist in isolation in my opinion. When a company is executing on its strategy, it needs to consider its external and internal environment. 

The external environment are aspects such as competitors, changing consumer preferences etc. etc. Internal environment represents understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a company and also having a strong stance on your culture and values of your company. 

Culture represents the way you do things around here, the businesses processes and practices that make up the work environment. Values on the other hand represent the way you make decisions - how do you decide between what's right and what's wrong. 

Uber in my opinion has a strong strategy, it was competing well in its market. Where it failed was in building the right culture in the company, based upon a strong value system. Uber was operating as a stool with 2 legs. It needed that third leg to keep it going.

This should be a lesson to all startups, entrepreneurs and executives out there. At some point of time, this "culture" thing will bite you in the ass. Hence, it is imperative that we look deeply about how we're going to build our businesses on the basis of a strong culture and value system. 

Executing based on a certain set of principles in my opinion is what makes winners and losers. 

Till next time,