The # 1 Leadership Tool That You Should Use Right Now

The # 1 Leadership Tool That You Should Use Right Now

In this post, we will discuss the # 1 tool that all leaders should use for effective daily leadership - Inclusiveness. Leaders have two main tasks - to make decisions and implement decisions. Making decisions is all about setting the direction of where we want to go and implementation is about doing the work to get there. 

The best leaders use inclusiveness as a tool to do these tasks effectively. There are two main benefits of inclusiveness

  1. Information Benefits 
  2. Motivational Benefits 

From an information standpoint, leaders can make better decisions as they receive information from everyone's real world experiences. At the same time, the quality of implementation can increase given the flow of information across the implementers. 

Additionally, there are motivational benefits as the implementers feel more involved in the decision making process and take ownership over achieving the final goal that the leader has set out.